Ashes of the Unspeakable

Filename: ashes-of-the-unspeakable.pdf
ISBN: 1517442958
Release Date: 2015-10-05
Number of pages: 260
Author: Franklin Horton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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The Borrowed World

Filename: the-borrowed-world.pdf
ISBN: 1511974419
Release Date: 2015
Number of pages: 213
Author: Franklin Horton

Download and read online The Borrowed World in PDF and EPUB Thousands of travelers become stuck after ISIS attacks the United States, leaving the nation's physical, electrical, and technological infrastructure in tatters. Jim Powell and his co-workers are stranded in a hotel in Richmond, Virginia, about five hundred miles from home. He and several others embark on a journey to try to get back home, by any means possible, in a world with scarce law enforcement where the rules of civilized society no longer apply.

Long Road to Survival

Filename: long-road-to-survival.pdf
ISBN: 1926456041
Release Date: 2015-02-16
Number of pages: 194
Author: Lee Bradford

Download and read online Long Road to Survival in PDF and EPUB After container ships carrying black-market nuclear bombs are detonated in American port cities, millions are killed and the country is thrown into panic. In Greenwood, Nebraska, Paul Edwards learns about the devastating terrorist attacks on the news. As the power grid goes down, his fear is magnified by the knowledge that his wife and daughter are a thousand miles away in Atlanta. When his prepper father-in-law, Buck, insists on being part of the rescue, things go from bad to worse. Paul and Buck have hated each other for years. Now, with deadly radiation sweeping in from the coast and the rule of law crumbling around them, the two men must put aside their long-standing feud in a desperate race to bring their family to safety... that is, if they don't kill each other first.

Led by Faith

Filename: led-by-faith.pdf
ISBN: 9781401921316
Release Date: 2008-09-16
Number of pages: 205
Author: Immaculée Ilibagiza
Publisher: Hay House, Inc

Download and read online Led by Faith in PDF and EPUB For three months in the spring of 1994, the African nation of Rwanda descended into one of the most vicious and bloody genocides the world has ever seen. Immacul(r)e Ilibagiza, a young university student, miraculously survived the savage killing spree that left most of her family, friends, and a million of her fellow citizens dead. Immacul(r)eOCOs remarkable story of survival was documented in her first book, Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust. In Led By Faith, Immacul(r)e takes us with her as her remarkable journey continues. Through her simple and eloquent voice, we experience her hardships and heartache as she struggles to survive and to find meaning and purpose in the aftermath of the holocaust. It is the story of a na-ve and vulnerable young woman, orphaned and alone, navigating through a bleak and dangerously hostile world with only an abiding faith in God to guide and protect her. Immacul(r)e fends off sinister new predators, seeks out and comforts scores of children orphaned by the genocide, and searches for love and companionship in a land where hatred still flourishes. Then, fearing again for her safety as RwandaOCOs war-crime trials begin, Immacul(r)e flees to America to begin a new chapter of her life as a refugee and immigrantOCoa stranger in a strange land. With the same courage and faith in God that led her through the darkness of genocide, Immacul(r)e discovers a new life that was beyond her wildest dreams as a small girl in a tiny village in one of AfricaOCOs poorest countries. It is in the United States, her adopted country, where Immacul(r)e can finally look back at all that has happened to her and truly understand why God spared her life . . . so that she would be left to tell her story to the world."

Aesthetics Method and Epistemology

Filename: aesthetics-method-and-epistemology.pdf
ISBN: 9781565845589
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 486
Author: Michel Foucault
Publisher: The New Press

Download and read online Aesthetics Method and Epistemology in PDF and EPUB The definitive edition of Foucault's articles, interviews, and seminars. Few philosophers have had as strong an influence on the twentieth century as Michel Foucault. His work has affected the teaching of any number of disciplines and remains, twenty years after his death, critically important. This newly available edition is drawn from the complete collection of all of Foucault's courses, articles, and interviews, and brings his most important work to a new generation of readers. Aesthetics, Method and Epistemology (edited by James D. Faubion) surveys Foucault's diverse but sustained address of the historical forms and interplay of passion, experience, and truth.


Filename: blackout.pdf
ISBN: 9781473616097
Release Date: 2015-06-23
Number of pages: 240
Author: Sarah Hepola
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Blackout in PDF and EPUB A raw, vivid and ultimately uplifting memoir of addiction and recovery from the personal essays editor, in the spirit of Drinking: A Love Story and Wild. For Sarah Hepola, alcohol was 'the gasoline of all adventure'. She spent her evenings at cocktail parties and dark bars where she proudly stayed till last call. Drinking felt like freedom, part of her birthright as a strong, enlightened twenty-first-century woman. But there was a price. She often blacked out, waking up with a blank space where four hours should be. Mornings became detective work on her own life. What did I say last night? How did I meet that guy? She apologized for things she couldn't remember doing, as though she were cleaning up after an evil twin. Publicly, she covered her shame with self-deprecating jokes, and her career flourished, but as the blackouts accumulated, she could no longer avoid a sinking truth. The fuel she thought she needed was draining her spirit instead. A memoir of unblinking honesty and poignant, laugh-out-loud humor, BLACKOUT is the story of a woman stumbling into a new kind of adventure-the sober life she never wanted. Shining a light into her blackouts, she discovers the person she buried, as well as the confidence, intimacy, and creativity she once believed came only from a bottle. Her tale will resonate with anyone who has been forced to reinvent themselves or struggled in the face of necessary change. It's about giving up the thing you cherish most-but getting yourself back in return.

The Elf Queen Of Shannara

Filename: the-elf-queen-of-shannara.pdf
ISBN: 9781405515719
Release Date: 2012-02-23
Number of pages: 448
Author: Terry Brooks
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Elf Queen Of Shannara in PDF and EPUB Wren Ohmsford, Scion of Shannara, came from the Westlands, where she lived the life of a Rover. Now she, like her kinsmen, Par and Walker Boh, has been called upon to help the shade of Allanon fight the totalitarian power of the Federation. She must find the Elves, who disappeared from their strongholds more than one hundred years ago . . . But even knowledge of the Elves is hard to find - only a blind, wise woman of the West knows something of their location. On her advice, Wren and her Rover companion, Garth, journey to the coast of the Blue Divide, where they build a fire and let it burn for three days. With the unexpected help that their blaze attracts, they reach the isle of Morrowindle and near their goal - to find the last of the Elves. But they also find dangers such as they could not have imagined, and Wren will make a discovery that will change her life for ever.

Someone to Hold

Filename: someone-to-hold.pdf
ISBN: 9780698411395
Release Date: 2017-02-07
Number of pages: 400
Author: Mary Balogh
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Someone to Hold in PDF and EPUB A reversal of fortune befalls a young woman in the latest Westcott novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Only a Kiss and Someone to Love. Humphrey Wescott, Earl of Riverdale, has died, leaving behind a fortune and a scandalous secret that will forever alter the lives of his family—sending one daughter on a journey of self-discovery... With her parents’ marriage declared bigamous, Camille Westcott is now illegitimate and without a title. Looking to eschew the trappings of her old life, she leaves London to teach at the Bath orphanage where her newly discovered half-sister lived. But even as she settles in, she must sit for a portrait commissioned by her grandmother and endure an artist who riles her every nerve. An art teacher at the orphanage that was once his home, Joel Cunningham has been hired to paint the portrait of the haughty new teacher. But as Camille poses for Joel, their mutual contempt soon turns to desire. And it is only the bond between them that will allow them to weather the rough storm that lies ahead...

John of Salisbury Policraticus

Filename: john-of-salisbury-policraticus.pdf
ISBN: 0521367018
Release Date: 1990-10-26
Number of pages: 240
Author: John (of Salisbury, Bishop of Chartres)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online John of Salisbury Policraticus in PDF and EPUB John of Salisbury (c. 1115-1180) was the foremost political theorist of his age. He was trained in scholastic theology and philosophy at Paris, and his writings are invaluable for summarizing many of the metaphysical speculations of his time. The Policraticus is his main work, and is regarded as the first complete work of political theory to be written in the Latin Middle Ages. Cary Nederman's new edition and translation, currently the only version available in English, is primarily aimed at undergraduate students of the history of political thought and medieval history. His new translation shows how important this text is in understanding the mores, forms of conduct and beliefs of the most powerful and learned segments of twelfth century Western Europe.

On Heroes Hero worship and the Heroic in History

Filename: on-heroes-hero-worship-and-the-heroic-in-history.pdf
Release Date: 1840
Number of pages: 235
Author: Thomas Carlyle
Publisher: CUP Archive

Download and read online On Heroes Hero worship and the Heroic in History in PDF and EPUB Hardcover/Imitation Leather, printed on acid-free paper, Color Dust Jacket.

The Black Jacobins

Filename: the-black-jacobins.pdf
ISBN: 9780141937083
Release Date: 2001-05-31
Number of pages: 384
Author: C L R James
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online The Black Jacobins in PDF and EPUB In 1789 the West Indian colony of San Domingo supplied two-thirds of the overseas trade of France. The entire structure of what was arguably the most profitable colony in the world rested on the labour of half a million slaves. In 1791 the waves of unrest inspired by the French Revolution reached across the Atlantic dividing the loyalties of the white population of the island. The brutally treated slaves of Saint Domingo seized at this confusion and rose up in rebellion against masters. In thisclassic work, CLR James chronicles the only successful slave revolt in history and provides a critical portrait of their leader, Toussaint L'Ouverture, 'one of the most remarkable men of a period rich in remarkable men'.

The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville

Filename: the-etymologies-of-isidore-of-seville.pdf
ISBN: 0521145910
Release Date: 2010-04-15
Number of pages: 490
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville in PDF and EPUB This work is a complete English translation of the Latin Etymologies of Isidore, Bishop of Seville (c.560-636). Isidore compiled the work between c.615 and the early 630s and it takes the form of an encyclopedia, arranged by subject matter. It contains much lore of the late classical world beginning with the Seven Liberal Arts, including Rhetoric, and touches on thousands of topics ranging from the names of God, the terminology of the Law, the technologies of fabrics, ships and agriculture to the names of cities and rivers, the theatrical arts, and cooking utensils. Isidore provides etymologies for most of the terms he explains, finding in the causes of words the underlying key to their meaning. This book offers a highly readable translation of the twenty books of the Etymologies, one of the most widely known texts for a thousand years from Isidore's time.

History of the Franks

Filename: history-of-the-franks.pdf
ISBN: 0374909504
Release Date: 1965
Number of pages: 284
Author: Saint Gregory (Bishop of Tours)
Publisher: Hippocrene Books

Download and read online History of the Franks in PDF and EPUB A dramatic narrative of French history in the sixth century. Gregory of Tours (c.A.D. 539-594) intended his HISTORY to be a chronicle of events and included the 21 years he spent as Bishop of Tours. This volume contains all ten books of the HISTORY. As Gregory unravels the bewildering events of those decades, what emerges is no dry historical document but a colorful, detailed and moving pageant. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Reedy s Mirror

Filename: reedy-s-mirror.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105117296553
Release Date: 1917
Number of pages:

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Leslie s

Filename: leslie-s.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000020241490
Release Date: 1887
Number of pages:
Author: John Albert Sleicher

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